Letting Go…

“At some point, you just have to let go. Move on. Because no matter how painful it is, it’s the only way we grow.” ~Meredith

The quote was actually taken from an episode in Grays Anatomy. To tell you the truth, that episode was my first and it’s funny how I just saw this in my friends house. The thing is I’ve been hearing this message of  “letting go” from time to time now. I’ve read an article from a website about it. I’ve heard my friend talk about it not just once but twice from different friends of mine. 
As I noticed how this seems to happen repeatedly and so I give it a time for me to internalize and somehow relate it to my life. Then I realize that there were a lot of things that happened to my life which at this point is time for me to let go.
♥This time at this moment, my braces were scheduled to be removed. I’ve been wearing this for 8 years now since May 9,2007. l look at my dental chart and way back l was still 12yrs old when I had my braces till this last moment. In case your wondering why it took so long, well it’s a long story for me to tell. l really am so happy that finally this day have arrived and so l’m letting it go.
♥This year I’ve been dealing with a friendship dilemma with my Best Friend. I would  say she is an angel sent from up above because ever since I was  9 years old. I’ve been praying for a friend to come into my Iife who would stick with me for better & for worst. Suprisingly, she stayed by my side and we remained Besties for 10 years from 2004 and how heartbreaking it is for me & her to end things this year 2014. Well, I believe people come & go for a reason. May be the purpose why our bond was so strong was fulfilled and finally, it’s time to Let go. l had a heart to heart talk with my Bestie before and she said that may be will be on separate paths for a moment but then will get in touch when the right time comes & I await for that to happen. Although, I’ll be seeing her in school from time to time and I can’t help but miss her but then I have to let go…
~So far, Those are the two things that I have pondered on for me to let go this 2014 ~
To sum it up, here is a short list:
1. Letting go of my braces for 8 years and giving way to a whole lot different kind of smile.
2. Letting go of my Bestie for 10 years and giving way for new friends to come.

There are other areas of my life that also calls for letting go. | remember how I have to let go off my Mom when I was 13 years old way back 2008 when she passed away. It was a painful experience but then I got no choice and l have to let go for me to grow and be Independent.

A continuation of the list:
3. Letting go of my Mom and giving way for independence.
4. Letting go of painful memories and giving way to wonderful memories.
5. Letting go of my favorite Childhood doll Rosy and giving way to other mature stuffs.
6. Letting go from thinking my old Crush and giving way to a guy whose gonna think I’m Amazing.
7. Letting go of jealousy, anger, self-centeredness, selfishness, laziness and giving way to LOVE which abounds above all.

And So the list goes on and on…. l guess each one of us has to let go to open a new room for whatever God has planned for us.

Saving My First Kiss by Lisa Velthouse



         I’ve seen this book before wayback when I was still so young to have any interest on reading books. l remember seeing my cousin read this book which she borrowed from a friend. Just seeing this book gave me an impression that there is no way I’m gonna read it. I haven’t even gave a slight interest on it because I’m still so far from having that first kiss and l may not relate to the story. And so I paid no attention to it and forget about it. But then, I got a glimpse of it lately when I saw a friend of mine has read it and gave a positive review about it. I was then curious about the book but that isn’t enough to get fired up and read it. Then suddenly, It came to me the thought of a first kiss and I wondered what is it like and how does it feel like….
         Out of nowhere, I remembered about the book and thought maybe this is God ‘s voice telling me to read the book and so here I am writing a review about this book which I’ve read hours ago. While I was flipping the pages before reading it as a whole, I noticed that she was somewhat 19 years old at that time when she shares her experience. I got excited knowing I was the same age as her and so I started to read the book and I was really amazed of the wisdom I got from this book. Although, I knew some of the lessons she was trying to convey to her readers which I learned from my very own experience or from the books I’ve read before. I felt that this book reminds me once again of the very important lessons and even speak to my soul. Lessons about being being patient, the essence of true beauty, modesty, jealousy’s negative effects, purity, waiting for the dream guy and being a godly woman. There are 10 chapters in the book and each chapter shares lessons based from the writer’s experience. I can relate to the book so much because I’m still single and haven’t been kissed ever since. l may be labeled as what people called NBSB or “No Boyfriend Since Birth.” Well, anyways I’m not a shame of it and I do agree from what Lisa Velthouse thoughts were which are written in the book. Her story is very inspiring, insightful and is full of wisdom.
          After I’ve read the book, I closed my eyes and try to recall and absorb everything I have read. I once more reveled on how God has been taking in charge of my life most especially with my love life. Although, I would say it remained as a white space which meant a portion of one’s life which the creator hasn’t yet touched as what is being implied in the book. I felt content and peace within me just waiting patiently for the right guy to come. l continue to believe that true beauty lies within and is what God sees rather than the beauty that we see on our very own eyes which fades away. From the book, I learned to value modesty more and hope to attract the right guy by no means of showing my skin but rather by emphasizing more my Christlike character. Once more, | was reminded of how destructive the feeling of jealousy is and so I focus on Love more because with Love, jealousy won’t ever exist. Also, the nine basic “Steps of Physical Intimacy”mentioned from the book which are: 1) making eye contact 2) talking to a guy 3) holding hands 4) hands on shoulders and on waist 5) a kiss on the chick or a soft kiss on the lips 6) Open mouth, passionate kissing 7) petting while clothed 8) experimental nakedness, and finally 9) sexual intercourse, knowing the dominoe effect of this steps which means one step leads to the other until it’s hard to resist the temptation; The thought of these made me want to build fences that would prevent me from falling into the trap of loosing my virginity which may lead to a regretful life. I do agree from what Lisa says that the gift of sex shall be done with the blessing of God through marriage.
        Lastly, the important lesson I learned from the book is that: Maybe right now l’m so busy of thinking of how my right guy would be like. Well, I believe God is gonna take care of that as for me I have to work on myself in continuing to build in Christ-like character, filling in my heart with joy, being the person whom God has created me to be, and also to be the girl my right guy has ever dreamed of.
         I felt so grateful for the insights and wisdom I learned from this book. I would score this a perfect 10. I admire the author of this book, Lisa Velthouse. I’m so happy for her in this present time that she is now married.
         Oh well, right now I figured out I wrote alot of words already and time seems to fly without me noticing it since I’ve been so busy writing all this words. I’m not sure if someone out there is reading it but if you were thanks for your time and you might as well read the book to get a lot of wise insights from it. As for me, I wanna look back at this article in the future and remind myself of the wise lessons I’ve learned.