Small World

       Yesterday, it was crazy. Aside from the epic fail cup of tea incident, My friend and I randomly saw one of our batch mate in the hospital. Wow, it amazes me since we were schoolmates in Bohol then now we are meeting here in Manila. There is such a long connection going on.
        Just today another incident happen, I was going to San Beda to apply for the college of medicine when it so happen that I saw my childhood friend walking in the aisle. I called her and we were both startled. This is definitely beyond my control. I believe it is God working and I wanna praise him. I’m really so happy. Even if I am far away from home, I still made connections to the people I know.


Epic fail Cup of Tea

      I was sitting beside my sister while we wait for our turn to be called out from a long list of patients. On the corner, I noticed a vending machine. At first, I didn’t mind it. Later on, my sister got a drink from it so I also gave it a try. It is actually my first time using it. From the selection,  I chose a Cappucino. I still haven’t figure out how this machine works. Luckily, the person next to me told me how to use it. Once I got the drink, I tasted it and I was delighted with the taste while I read an ebook. Then hours later, I crave to drink more and so I tried the so called Relaxing Cucumber and I was completely satisfied. Still my sister hasn’t been called and I feel like I wanna drink some more. I decided to go to the machine once more. In my head, I wanna try Cucumber Lemonade but once I inserted the money, it isn’t available. So I chose another drink which is the Hot Apple Red Tea. As I got it, the only thing in the cup was a hot water with the smell of an apple flavor. I was totally confused thinking this is some kind of a joke and then I went back to my sit and told my tita and sister about it. We all laugh and I can’t stop my tears from flowing since I find it really funny. I consumed the hot water anyway. I thought to myself that would be my last drink for the day. Oh well, what an experience it is!