Epic fail Cup of Tea

      I was sitting beside my sister while we wait for our turn to be called out from a long list of patients. On the corner, I noticed a vending machine. At first, I didn’t mind it. Later on, my sister got a drink from it so I also gave it a try. It is actually my first time using it. From the selection,  I chose a Cappucino. I still haven’t figure out how this machine works. Luckily, the person next to me told me how to use it. Once I got the drink, I tasted it and I was delighted with the taste while I read an ebook. Then hours later, I crave to drink more and so I tried the so called Relaxing Cucumber and I was completely satisfied. Still my sister hasn’t been called and I feel like I wanna drink some more. I decided to go to the machine once more. In my head, I wanna try Cucumber Lemonade but once I inserted the money, it isn’t available. So I chose another drink which is the Hot Apple Red Tea. As I got it, the only thing in the cup was a hot water with the smell of an apple flavor. I was totally confused thinking this is some kind of a joke and then I went back to my sit and told my tita and sister about it. We all laugh and I can’t stop my tears from flowing since I find it really funny. I consumed the hot water anyway. I thought to myself that would be my last drink for the day. Oh well, what an experience it is!


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