Saving and Spending

     This past few months, I’ve been out of control in handling my money. I spend it to this and that and the next thing I know it’s gone. And here I am asking myself where did my money go. Luckily, I got this app Money manager which I religiously used every time I purchase something but then it’s no use. I’ve spent the money already. Anyways, I still believe that I could do something about it and starting from now I’m gonna be wise in spending my money.

    I seek financial advices from the web and my Belle De Jour Planner recommends checking out ANC On the Money on youtube. So, I watched some of the videos that may help me and I jot down those advices that might come in handy.

Take Note:

● Start early as you can. Take action!

●No one time, big time. Shop only as needed.

●Pay yourself first.

● When it comes to loose change, people find ways to spend it.

● Can you live on 80% of income? (foregone gain)

●After investing, forget about it.

●When you are down, you don’t make the best decisions in life.      Negative thoughts may be in your head that makes things worse.

●Emotions affect the way we look at money.

●Don’t stick to anything less, stick to what you are looking for.

●Value of savings, delay gratification

●Road Map~ Financial Plan ~ Life Goals

So far, these are the important reminders that I wanna keep in mind from time to time. These advices inspire me to have more control in handling my money rather than spending it unecessarily especially that I’m saving once more for an amazing gift for myself.

I really learned alot from ANC On the Money and I’ll be watching more of their videos. You might want to check out their videos.
Here is a link: ANC On The Money:


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