It’s the first day of March and I’m creating new habits to work on. These are my 3 habits:

●Wake Up early at 5-6 AM
●Exercise in the Morning
●Write here in my blog

      Okay, so when it comes to waking up early sometimes I struggle with this especially when I sleep late. So, I’m thinking that if I made waking up early a habit then sleeping early will follow. My keystone habit is waking up early since when I do that my early routine will follow and I feel like I’m so productive and it gives me a good start of the day. The problem is when I sleep late and force myself to wake up early since this can be unavoidable sometimes. When this happens, I need to remind myslef that I’ve got to wake up early cause this is a habit and whatever happens I’ve got to and I have no other choice. I might as well drink some coffe and have a bit of powernaps in the afternoon just to have energy to survive the day. I made it 5-6 AM to make it a bit flexible and somehow realistic cause sometimes I click the snooze button but I’ve got to stick with this habit.

        When it comes to exercise, I’ve been doing it but then I’ll say I’m not that consistent. On some other day, I don’t feel like working out and would make excuses like I’ve got muscle pain and I need a break. Just this morning, I was thinking twice if I’m going to work out or not. And ask myself why am I doing this. I feel like I’m not in the mood. It’s not everyday that I feel motivated especially when I sleep late and had a bad morning but then once again, I have to remind myself that just give 45 min of your time and afterwards you can do anything you want to. With my workouts, I have  10 min for arm , 10 min for abs and 15 min for legs. I’ve got extra 10 min for some breaks in between my workout. I do cardio on other days by using my stationary bicycle so that’s pretty it. I really wanna to put some effort cause I believe that my body needs it to remain strong and healthy and I’ve got to do it everyday.

        This time I really made a decision to be consistent writing here. I keep on putting this off ever since. I remember that I wanna write in my blog like last 2014 and I even said to myself that if I got a tablet, I will write. It’s funny that I’ve got the tablet but still I didn’t write. I did write like 3 post only for that year which doesn’t make sense. And now, it’s 2016, how many years had passed by since I made that goal to write? Oh well, this time I believe is the best time since I got all the time I need while waiting for my class to start for Medicine this August. Now, I wanna write just anything about my day to day life. In the future when I look back, I’ll be seeing this post and recall those moments in my life. I could even improve my writing. I’ll be writing everyday this month of March and I couldn’t take back what I said already. So, I’ve got to cause I wrote it down here to make a commitment. Well, there might be problems when just an instance if I got no internet connection but then I need to find ways and I have to post something just anything to continue in making this as my habit.

So here are my 3 habits, I’ll be posting on April about how did it goes. Did I stick to these habits??? (Drums rolling) We’ll see…



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