This is a No Ordinary Book!


    At last, I am finally reading this is book entitled “Dojo Wisdom for Writers” by Jennifer Lawler.This was lying in the bookshelf for how many years. I remember buying this book from National bookstore at a bargain price of 20 from 300 pesos. I thought that this could come in handy for me to be a good writer and buying this for sale is such a great deal. A money well spent.  I bought the book but I never gave it a thought afterwards or even scan or read it. But then, One day I mean yesterday I thought of reading this book since I feel like this is the right time cause I’ll be writing consistently in my blog.
       To my surprise, this is a No Ordinary Book. This is the answer to my prayers. No wonder, I bought this years ago. Though, I haven’t read it before but it doesn’t matter. I now understand. I bought this book before for me to read it today. Before, I wasn’t ready. The wisdom from this book couldn’t be applied to my life before but this time this is what I need. This book is not only filled with wisdom for writers but it teaches a lot of things of how martial artist behaves about self discipline, perseverance, determination, consistency and etc. This keeps me motivated to reach my goals. I’ll be posting about the wisdom I’ve learned from this book when I’m done with it.  As of now, my reading is still on going…


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