Just Relax!

       Alot of thoughts are going on in my head right now, thoughts about the future, family,work, house and etc. I just can’t believe I’m thinking of these things right now. Don’t you think it’s just too early? But I’m in my twenties and this stage somehow calls for independence where I get to lead my own life. My Dad always tell me about this and that since he really analyze thinks advancely and plans ahead. I’m just really so overwhelmed right now. Somehow, it scares me a bit cause I’m still not ready at this moment. I’m still at the peak of my life and I’m going to pursue Medicine. At the right time, I’m gonna meet someone whom I’m gonna be with for the rest of my life and be part of my future. All these planning in my head will take shape and become a reality but as of now I haven’t met that person yet.  Sometimes, I wonder who is this person but this is really beyond my control. Only God knows. Thank goodness God is in contol. The only thing I could do in the present moment is just wait cause I’ll get there. Breathe in and out. Just Relax!!! 


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