Live Life with No Regrets

If you ask me my motto in life then that would be “Live Life with No Regrets.”

I searched about the Most common regrets of young adults and I stumbled on a site with an article entitled “The Five Most Common
Regrets of Young Adults.”

Here are the Five Most Common Regrets of Young Adults:

1. I wish I was doing something useful.
2. I wish I didn’t waste so much time earlier in life.
3. I wish I had travelled more.
4. I wish I was physically fit.
5. I wish I learned to live in a moment.

    I came to ponder on this right now and I thought of my future self  saying these things and whispers to herself “If only I can turn back time.” Then, I realized and I am so grateful that nothing like it has happened yet. I still can do something with my life to prevent that from happening. What a relief! I’m now at the point of my life where in I am young adult about to experience the real life. I wanna chase my dreams and make it a reality cause I only live once. My life unfolds with every choices I made. I just wanna live in the present moment and live it with no regrets…

By the way, here is the link to the site.


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