Today, I decided to make my drawing dreams take shape into reality. I gathered my available drawing materials and bought some additional stuff. I have my crayons, sketchbook, ruler, pencil, pen, and marker. Now, I’m fully equipped and I’m good to go.
      You might be wandering what’s up with me right now. Well, I figured out that I’d be better in studying the human anatomy when I draw and color it since I’ll be able to recreate the image. I also think it’s a great way to study it by heart. A way that I could remember it and instill it in my long term memory.
        If you ask me, “Are you an artist?” Well, the truth is I am not an artist and I don’t have a wide experience of drawing before. I just draw some simple artwork that any person can do so  I am an average. Anyways, I’m proud to say that my Mom is a great artist and I really admire her draw to the point that when I was still young I let her draw my art assignments. Well, this time I believe that there is a possibility that my mom pass some of her artistic genes to me which I still have to awaken.
        I may not yet be that confident with my drawing skill but I believe that if I continue to draw and work on it then my drawing skills may improve. You know a person is called an artist because she draws  and people see her work and admires it. She doesn’t only draw once but many times and she loves what she is doing and so she was able to improve herself as time goes by. Well, others might be in born talented but they still have to keep on drawing to improve themselves.
       As for me, I’m gonna give this a try. Who knows maybe all this time I was stuck in a belief that I can’t draw since the last time I draw as I compare my art to others it was just way too undescribable. Maybe as long as I don’t give up this might be a start of something new. I might even unleash my drawing skill that was always there just waiting for me to discover it.
        Now, my drawing journey begins…



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