Fighting it!

     As I was riding on th car, I noticed myself kinda bit drowsy. Now that I am being aware of how sleepy I am at the moment, I realize that this is a constant habit I’ve been doing ever since. Whenever I am in the passenger seat, I just automatically doze of. I’m actually tired of doing this. So what I did is that I tried to control it. A few attempts I failed and I slightly dozed but then I said to myself never to give up. I believe that if I could fight this then I can win this battle of being sleepyhead. So I really concentrated and focused, I opened my eyes and try to resist it from closing. It is kinda bit hard but as I look outside the car and watch the surrounding intently, I observed that my brain is becoming active. Now, I got it. If I want to be fully awake, I’ve got to keep my brain active by letting it think so while riding I become more curious. I look at everywhere and look at something interesting. The next thing I know I don’t feel sleepy any longer. I feel like I won the battle and I was able to control myself from sleeping. So glad, I was able to fight it.


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