The future? How does it look like? Neither do I know. I kinda feel tired thinking of things beyond my control and sometimes it robs me from the happiness that I can feel in this present moment. Today, it is a normal day. I kinda feel bored somehow. No wonder I dwell on my thoughts and fast forward life into the unknown future. Well,  I’ve been doing this when I was still young. You know day dreaming and making stories in ones head. The truth is my stories never ever happened. Thank goodness, it didn’t happen. I remember thinking of how my love story would seem to be like and I thought of this guy I like and how our story is gonna be. Come to think if that happens, things are going to be different now.
        At some point of my life, I wonder how things are going to be exciting and all. I think watching shows about korean romantic series doesn’t really help since now I’m yearning for that moment of my life to happen. Well, I wanna take time and carefully wait for God’s time. As of now, I got a lot of questions in my head that only God can answer. Still it needs to be revealed at the right time. Well, I think that’s more surprising. I wanna be surprised. Maybe, this waiting time isn’t that bad after all. I just love the thrill and excitement of waiting and when that day arrives, I would smile and be glad and grateful that finally that day has come. I don’t want it to happen yet. Honestly,I still don’t want to know my future. I believe not knowing the future makes it exciting. Well, I know my future is death but I’m talking about what’s gonna happen after 5 years? Am I gonna be a doctor?? Or after 10 years, will I have my dream house and met the right man with a happy family? How will my kids look like? Or will I even still be alive to experience all these? I think in every stage of ones life, we ask a lot of questions only God knows. I bet my mom ask that questions too of how her child is gonna look like and be like and Tadaaa!!. Here I am.
         Now, I realize that it’s normal to ask this questions and this really makes life exciting. When I read a book in every chapter, there are new cast added and new adventure and the story continues to unfold. Well, I guess right now in my story it’s a pretty normal day and I’m really so bored but maybe I shouldn’t go further in dwelling too much on my thoughts cause sometimes it makes me sad and gives me fear on my heart. Gives me what if’s like what if something bad happen. Anyways, so far my life is great. I’ve been through alot but look everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about. If I can talk to my past self, I would say, “In the future, you will be able to make it this far. It’s okay you don’t have to worry about anything else. The future might be different as you expected but then your gonna do well and fine. You wouldn’t have it any other way since God knows what is best.” Well, my past self might wonder about it but later on accept it and say “You really think, it’s gonna be okay? Well, then Let God’s will be done.” As of now, I don’t know what’s up ahead for my future self but then I’ll have to trust God on this. I’ve went this far trusting on his plans for me and everything went well. It might be different as I was expecting it to be but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Let your will be done.


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