Don’t Blink

      I’m listening to Kenny Chesney song entitled “Don’t Blink.”
I keep on playing this song then it made me realize how it all make sense. The song is all about a hundred and two years old man’s one piece of advice which is “Don’t blink.”
      The song gives me a big perspective of how life may go faster than you think. As of now, I’m living in the present moment and I’m actually twenty-one years old. There is a whole life ahead of me that is yet to unfold. Right now, I’m in the waiting game wandering what’s gonna happen next. Med school is fast approaching and August 22 is the start of class so I’ve got 160 days left to go. This time I’m still relaxed but the next thing I know is that I’ll be sleeping late and studying, living the life of a student once more. As of now, I’ll enjoy every moment and slow down.


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