Right One

       There comes a point in my life when I wonder who would the right man be. I thought of a list of what he should be like. The list goes on and on from being a professional to being talented, smart, strong and more. The next thing I know, I’ve got really high expectations that I set for him. I guess that guy would be somehow pressured from all these standards he should meet. Worst is that It would just lead me being frustrated and disappointed if my guy doesn’t have what it takes to be my man.
         Still, I’m setting high standards that my man should meet but not anymore those unecessary things which I thought of. Sometimes, I imagine that the guy should know how to play guitar, piano or even sing. That he should be like this and like that. I really feel bad being like that. I don’t want him to feel low and down because he is so different from this guy whom I imagined which doesn’t even exist.
           Being in the waiting season really drives me crazy since I keep on thinking on how this non realistic guy should act and how he should make me feel. Well, hello in reality it’s different. A guy’s attitude or personality is far way beyond my control. So this time, I shifted the way I think. Instead of thinking how a guy should be like. I decided to think of how I should be. I remember a quote saying, “Forget about finding the right man, Focus on being the right woman.” So this time, I will set expectations on how I should be the right woman to the right man. Hahaha Now, that’s much better cause I can do something about it.  I also realized that it’s hard to change a person for him to be my man. I think love is accepting him totally. Now, that’s what I call unconditional love.
          I still don’t know who this man is but while I’m waiting I’ll make use of my time being the right woman 💖



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