Be Patient

    I just caught myself wanting to fast forward my life and think what’s life after Med school. The truth is my school year will still start on August and today is still March and I still got 5 months to go. Oh well, I think I’ll embrace this precious months cause when Med school starts I’ll be really so busy. I wanna remind myself constantly and each day of my life that I wanna be a doctor and I just can’t imagine living a different life. I will fulfill this dream and be a doctor. I know the road is not easy and I’d be walking this path on my own. As of now, I’m single but I’ll embrace this moment of my life being single, happy and content. Though, I might feel loneliness sometimes but that will just pass away. I’ve got to be a doctor no matter what happens. I’ll be patient  and enjoy the journey of being a doctor. It is not easy but is is worth it. I only live once and I don’t want to regret giving up my dreams. I can do this!


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