Being an Adult

     Thoughts of being an adult cross my mind, should I consider myself a young adult?? I thought of it for a moment. And Yes, I feel like an adult. The right time has finally come. If you ask me my perspectives and basis of what being and adult is, I would sum it up with the word responsibility. I believe stepping into the world of adulthood entails one to be responsible enough to face the consequence of the actions being done. When we are still young, we don’t think of the future or consequence of our actions since are parents are always there for us but this is not the case. As we grow older, we are face with responsibilities. Let’s face it we can’t depend from our parents for the rest of our lives. Being aware of this reality for me marks the beginning of adulthood journey.
       From school, we were being prepared for this moment of adulthood to come. Graduating from college is a great start to begin ones journey since one has to come out of his or her comfort zone and work. I would say parent’s guidance are very crucial when a child is still schooling. It’s a parent’s fullfillment to see their child achieve their dreams and become the person who they would want to be. At the same time, it might be a parent’s grief when their child wasn’t able to finish studying for factors such as being in an early relationship which results to unplanned family or financial problems. I think adulthood is a long journey and there is still a lot more lessons to learn.


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