I can’t help myself on this. There is something that I’ve got to do. Recently, I’ve been so distracted about this guy  I’m attracted to and I just can’t focus anymore. It reached to the point that it’s becoming an idol in my heart and my relationship with God is at stake.
     As time goes by, it keeps getting worse. I tried to brush it off but the thoughts comes back. I don’t know what to do anymore. This emotions I’m feeling is hard to control. But I believe only God can help me with this problem I’m facing. I decided to pray for this and take this matter on God’s hands. I began to search the net maybe I’m not alone and other people also faced this problem. Then I reached this site called “setapartgirl.” At last, someone has understood what I feel right now. It’s not just me. I’m not alone.
      I got an advice and prayer from the site. It goes like this, “The best thing you can do when you feel attracted to a guy is to immediately give your feelings to God: Lord, thank you for the qualities I see in this guy. Please take my emotions and guard them. Enable me to keep my heart protected for my future husband. If it is Your desire that I enter a relationship with this guy, then I leave the details in Your hands. May I not manipulate or grow impatient, but allow You to remain in complete control. You will be faithful. You care more about this area of my life than even I do.”
      I’m just so happy that I found this site. It’s like God is speaking in my heart telling me trust Him more. Also, I learned that whenever those thoughts pops out again rather than I entertain it, It’s best to counterattack it with a prayer for other people who needs help. In this way, I can fight the enemy by prayer. This is a stategy for spiritual attack making the enemy lose the battle. I would definitely try this out. Thank goodness, I found a solution to this problem that distracts me.

Here is the link: https://setapartgirl.com/magazine/article/09-1-10/theres-guy


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