What do you think is the opposite of loneliness? It’s probably being in a relationship. Okay to make things clear I’m talking about being in a relationship from these category of family, friends or even a lover. But how come even if I got great relationship with my family and friends, there is still something lacking. Oh so I see, does that mean what’s the missing piece is a lover? I tried to deny this but there is no use. I’m in my young adulthood stage and according to Eric Erickson, “It’s the stage of intimacy versus isolation.” So do I have to be in a relationship with someone? The answer is yes and no.
        It’s a yes because it’s normal. Even lovebirds needs each other cause they are a pair. And let’s trace back in the Bible from the book of Genesis that Adam felt lonely and so God created Eve as his partner. Also, ones heart will yearn for that soulmate if ever he or she is for a married life. On the otherhand, it’s a no or shall I say not yet. But why, that’s because in life just think what are you gonna do after you meet that someone. The next thing is family cause this love will bear fruit to children. And are you ready? Seriously, I think you better check your priorities. Is it career first then love? It would be great to be in a stable job when you are gonna be in a relationship so that everything is ready and set. Well, you choose. As for me I choose to focus on one thing at a time and it’s my career. I think it’s best to work on the right time cause there is a season for everything. Just hold on to God’s time.

How about you what do you choose? Anyways, let’s live our life wisely with no regrets!


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