Welcome to Adulthood

      Being an adult is never easy. Gone are the days where we could just act immaturely and people would understand and be more patient. When your an adult, you’ve got to be accountable with every actions and words you said. Today, I faced a conflict with someone. I unintentionally hurt her with my words I spoke carelessly. I thought it was just nothing that I just opened up and said it but then it did affect her. From now on, I’ve got to be sensitive in every word I say and think before I talk. What helps me alot is thinking about the golden rule “Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”
      Also, there are alot of childish behavior that should be renewed to be a better adult. When we were still a child, we may tend to insist, resist or even make debates as if we know what we are doing. At that time, it is still negotiable and people understands that she doesn’t know what he or she is doing.But this time in adulthood, there are consequences that you have to face in everything you do. We can’t just say that I didn’t understand what I am doing cause that would be a lame excuse. When one has a job, there is a risk of being fired when you absent mindedly don’t know what you are talking about and to whom you are talking to. It’s best to be extra careful.

       There are still alot of things to learn and improve as I step on the stage of adulthood.


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