Review of March Habits

Last March, I just wrote my 3 Habits which are:

-Wake up 5-6 am
-Exercise in the morning
-Write in my blog

So, what happened?
      The truth is I wasn’t consistent in waking up at 5-6 am. I exercise in the afternoon. And, as you can see in my blog I skipped some days like March 26 and 31. Tsk tsk tsk It’s very disappointing. I guess I just failed.

What can I do about this?
      I think it’s best for me to focus on one habit so that at least I can work on one rather than working on three which ends up with nothing.  I also need to assess why I failed in my habits. What are the pitfalls that cause me not to accomplish my habits. As for the waking up early at 5-6 am. I failed because I sleep late which makes me feel tired to wake up early. Since I woke up late, I wasn’t able to exercise in the morning. I wasn’t able to keep up on writing my blog since I’m no longer in the rhythm working on my habits.

Knowing the reason why I failed makes me plan ahead how I can prevent failure from happening once more. This might serve as a learning experience for the next habit that I would be working on.


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