People say I’m futuristic, somehow it is true. I do want to contantly remind myself not to dwell so much in the future cause it lives me with expectations and may lead to frustrations. I really don’t know what the future might bring but I believe God is in control. I trust Him. Let His will be done.




       What do you think is the opposite of loneliness? It’s probably being in a relationship. Okay to make things clear I’m talking about being in a relationship from these category of family, friends or even a lover. But how come even if I got great relationship with my family and friends, there is still something lacking. Oh so I see, does that mean what’s the missing piece is a lover? I tried to deny this but there is no use. I’m in my young adulthood stage and according to Eric Erickson, “It’s the stage of intimacy versus isolation.” So do I have to be in a relationship with someone? The answer is yes and no.
        It’s a yes because it’s normal. Even lovebirds needs each other cause they are a pair. And let’s trace back in the Bible from the book of Genesis that Adam felt lonely and so God created Eve as his partner. Also, ones heart will yearn for that soulmate if ever he or she is for a married life. On the otherhand, it’s a no or shall I say not yet. But why, that’s because in life just think what are you gonna do after you meet that someone. The next thing is family cause this love will bear fruit to children. And are you ready? Seriously, I think you better check your priorities. Is it career first then love? It would be great to be in a stable job when you are gonna be in a relationship so that everything is ready and set. Well, you choose. As for me I choose to focus on one thing at a time and it’s my career. I think it’s best to work on the right time cause there is a season for everything. Just hold on to God’s time.

How about you what do you choose? Anyways, let’s live our life wisely with no regrets!


    I can’t help myself on this. There is something that I’ve got to do. Recently, I’ve been so distracted about this guy  I’m attracted to and I just can’t focus anymore. It reached to the point that it’s becoming an idol in my heart and my relationship with God is at stake.
     As time goes by, it keeps getting worse. I tried to brush it off but the thoughts comes back. I don’t know what to do anymore. This emotions I’m feeling is hard to control. But I believe only God can help me with this problem I’m facing. I decided to pray for this and take this matter on God’s hands. I began to search the net maybe I’m not alone and other people also faced this problem. Then I reached this site called “setapartgirl.” At last, someone has understood what I feel right now. It’s not just me. I’m not alone.
      I got an advice and prayer from the site. It goes like this, “The best thing you can do when you feel attracted to a guy is to immediately give your feelings to God: Lord, thank you for the qualities I see in this guy. Please take my emotions and guard them. Enable me to keep my heart protected for my future husband. If it is Your desire that I enter a relationship with this guy, then I leave the details in Your hands. May I not manipulate or grow impatient, but allow You to remain in complete control. You will be faithful. You care more about this area of my life than even I do.”
      I’m just so happy that I found this site. It’s like God is speaking in my heart telling me trust Him more. Also, I learned that whenever those thoughts pops out again rather than I entertain it, It’s best to counterattack it with a prayer for other people who needs help. In this way, I can fight the enemy by prayer. This is a stategy for spiritual attack making the enemy lose the battle. I would definitely try this out. Thank goodness, I found a solution to this problem that distracts me.

Here is the link:

Being an Adult

     Thoughts of being an adult cross my mind, should I consider myself a young adult?? I thought of it for a moment. And Yes, I feel like an adult. The right time has finally come. If you ask me my perspectives and basis of what being and adult is, I would sum it up with the word responsibility. I believe stepping into the world of adulthood entails one to be responsible enough to face the consequence of the actions being done. When we are still young, we don’t think of the future or consequence of our actions since are parents are always there for us but this is not the case. As we grow older, we are face with responsibilities. Let’s face it we can’t depend from our parents for the rest of our lives. Being aware of this reality for me marks the beginning of adulthood journey.
       From school, we were being prepared for this moment of adulthood to come. Graduating from college is a great start to begin ones journey since one has to come out of his or her comfort zone and work. I would say parent’s guidance are very crucial when a child is still schooling. It’s a parent’s fullfillment to see their child achieve their dreams and become the person who they would want to be. At the same time, it might be a parent’s grief when their child wasn’t able to finish studying for factors such as being in an early relationship which results to unplanned family or financial problems. I think adulthood is a long journey and there is still a lot more lessons to learn.



     Facing reality, I’m now in my young adulthood stage and I’ve got to work. Well, as a med student it’s more like I have to study but I kinda associate studying with working. I still need to work on this lifetime career. This is going to be a tough journey but I accept the challenge. I wanna push myself and see how far can I go. I believe this could make me stronger just like how carrying heavy weights build up my muscles. My Dad is my inspiration on this. When he was in the same age as I am now, he really worked hard and didn’t give up and now he is reaping what he sow and I as his child benefit from it. In the same way, I wanna work hard in studying so that my child may benefit from it. At this moment of my life, I just want to remind myself to “Work Hard. Dream big. Stay Humble.”

Be Patient

    I just caught myself wanting to fast forward my life and think what’s life after Med school. The truth is my school year will still start on August and today is still March and I still got 5 months to go. Oh well, I think I’ll embrace this precious months cause when Med school starts I’ll be really so busy. I wanna remind myself constantly and each day of my life that I wanna be a doctor and I just can’t imagine living a different life. I will fulfill this dream and be a doctor. I know the road is not easy and I’d be walking this path on my own. As of now, I’m single but I’ll embrace this moment of my life being single, happy and content. Though, I might feel loneliness sometimes but that will just pass away. I’ve got to be a doctor no matter what happens. I’ll be patient  and enjoy the journey of being a doctor. It is not easy but is is worth it. I only live once and I don’t want to regret giving up my dreams. I can do this!

Getting Started!


       I’ve got my running shoes, water bottle and treadmill. Now, I’m all set. Plus, This afternoon I went to the booksale store and to my surprise I saw this book entitled “Complete Guide to Running for Women.” I didn’t hesitate to buy it. I think it’s a blessing. I’ve always dreamed of running a marathon and this surely is one of my bucket list. Now, I’m starting to this live this dream. I believe running has a lot of health benefits. The truth is I still got no idea when I’m gonna join a running marathon but all I know is that I need to get started. I wanna live a healthy lifestyle and aim for my target heart rate. Yeah, I can do this!!