I need some Brain Workout!


        Somehow an article I just read from a blog disturbs me.  It states that “The kids become adults who ‘can’t do math,’ avoiding careers they might otherwise be interested in, often passing on their ‘poor math genes’ to their kids.” Right now, I’m a young adult still stuck in the belief that ‘I can’t do math’ there is a possiblity of passing on this belief to the next in line creating a dominoe effect. Before that happens, I’ve got to do something.
         To be honest, I usually think that math is hard and it’s just for smart people with inborn capabilities. But there is no way that I’ll continue living that kind of life, stuck with that kind of thinking. I believe math is very essential in life. Come on, we see numbers all around us in our day to day life. We do counting and handle money matters which involves math. And as long as we live, we can’t escape math. I said to myself that I may have lived twenty years of my life thinking math is hard but things are about to change. For the next years of my life, I’ll believe that math is fun and I can do math!
          I feel the same way as the  kid up above in the picture. Math can be so challenging and making our brain work is not easy but it is worth it. Well, so does any physical workout, you’ve got to work for it. So, I’ll be challenging my brain by doing some brain workout. Math would definitely be on top of the list.


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